Shall we call the experience symbolic and scintillating? Perhaps heady with excitement? Among the stars and the rising moon for company, fragrant dreams do arise against the Dubai skyline. Be there and revel in those special moments when time stands quite still. And you have all those intimate guests and a long way away are the waves, maybe at touching distance with you seated, ready to eat all the best dishes on the dhow, another name for just a little ship. We prefer to call it a houseboat, sounds so nice, business and home at once. Two hours soon arrived at an end in fact it is time to disembark but the subconscious mind is mute, now tuned to cosmic mysteries across the sea, the sands, and Dubai.

You book online and are informed a day ahead about the boat that you board at Dubai Marina Yacht Club and there is no looking back! Choose between the Sunset Cruise and the Dinner Cruise just a little later at night. The tariff may be the same for both at AED 250, look for a place on one of many three luxury houseboats.

It is time for the sumptuous buffet when you enjoy those fabulous sights across the Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. Cooking stations are live right there and the eating is indeed much more satisfying. Although it is ‘no’ to liquor, soft beverages, tea and coffee will be served. Dine in an air-conditioned ambiance. Glass windows from ceiling to floor and an open upper deck become your momentary home.

What type of eating experience waits? Appetizers and salads include smoked salmon and grilled chicken, sweet corn and butternut squash salad. Live Station brings you penne and spaghetti alongside assorted condiments. Some main courses are Green Thai Chicken Curry and Roast Rump of Beef Gratin. Desserts would mean assorted cupcakes, black forest fruit cake, double chocolate brownie and the fruit platter.

Because the food and beverages sink into your consciousness, the local scene is changing each moment amidst the spectacular scenes that unfold along the way. Sunset cruise Cape Town sustain appetites several times each day, but this has been a particular moment amongst a civilization that grew a long way in the desert. They tamed the desert and learned to thrive in its midst. Shall we call them the desert people?

And now those buildings and business centers beckon around the world for trade and invitations to go to as ambassadors of realms across the infinite oceans. The bridges of understanding start across the most diverse and dissimilar cultures. Dubai has become through the ages a gathering point of cultures since the earliest trading many centuries ago. We sometimes forget that the world does not consist of sleek airports alone. The sand dunes are what some cultures call home, but Dubai has generated a mighty metropolis in the midst of the desert.

A cruise dinner in Dubai would become a place of a new tourist adventure. It will tell you many stories of the sands and the sea.